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A Novel 

Jenna sets out to exact revenge against her high school nemesis, Layla. Donning the above disguise, Jenna hopes Layla will not recognize her after thirty years. Jenna soon realizes her plan has flaws. Will she get away with her seemingly well devised plan? Both women are in for a surprise.

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Listening To Her Own Voice (June 2021)  

A Novel 

Chronicles the life of Rosa Kerker, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1866. She, her mother, her father, and six siblings settled in Chaska, Minnesota.  Rosa and her family faced many hardships, including disease, the death of her sister, and Papa Kerker's split from his Catholic faith. 

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Life’s Lessons from Lucy the Schnauzer

The book is about a 1st grader named of Everett. He and his mother and father own Lucy.  Everett is sure that his dog, Lucy, has taught him everything he needs to know about life, and proceeds to tell his cousin, Eleanor, about all of the secrets for success that Lucy has taught him.  The book was a joy to write, accompanied by lessons that are thoughtful and beneficial for all readers.

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Ivy and Audie

Young Teens

This book is dedicated to young children and teens who are coping with the diagnosis of epilepsy. Ivy has her first seizure at age nine. She's been adopted and moves in to live with Audie the Schnauzer. Audie and Ivy form a bond and Lucy becomes Ivy's alert dog. The book is an account of Ivy's life ages 9-16 and how she copes physically and emotionally through the ups and downs of coping with epilepsy when faced with peer pressure. It is a story of a young woman's development of strength and the family and friends who help her at each turn.

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You Need Me
(Release date 2023)

Adult Fiction

My fourth book is set in current times with my protagonist facing valley fever.  As she struggles with her illness, she and her husband learn that they’ve fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous financial planner. He is a greedy thief and my dear protagonist, while recuperating, learns through her own detective work what her financial planner has been up to with other people’s money.

She Killed My Dog
(June 2022)  

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