Colleen B. MacFarlane 

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I’ve been a genealogy enthusiast for several years. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I’ll never forget that first day when I looked at a picture of my great grandmother, Monica, her husband, Henry, and their five children. Within one day, I was off to the races, researching my maternal side in Chaska, Minnesota. My first book, Listening to Her Own Voice, chronicles the life of my 2nd great aunt who immigrated to Chaska, Minnesota, in 1866 from Switzerland and who went on to live a most inspiring life.

I love reading and writing historical fiction.  I have a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology and an MBA with a specific focus on personal financial planning.  Both degrees influence the characters I write about and the dilemmas my protagonists find themselves in.

I’m a retired therapist and financial educator. I’ve authored several papers related to current events for a worldwide employee assistance firm in addition to writing articles for independent newsletters in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I currently live with my husband and feisty 10-lb miniature schnauzer named Lucy.

My second book, a segue from my usual, is a Children’s book titled Life’s Lessons from Lucy the Schnauzer.  The book is about a 1st grader named of Everett. He and his mother and father own Lucy.  Everett is sure that his dog, Lucy, has taught him everything he needs to know about life, and proceeds to tell his cousin, Eleanor, about all of the secrets for success that Lucy has taught him.  The book was a joy to write, accompanied by lessons that are thoughtful and beneficial for all readers.  **Lucy’s Life Lessons is set to launch by summers end. Keep an eye out for this fun book, sure to evoke a smile from the young and young at heart.

Each week, check my website for postings regarding my books, as well recent short writing(s), such as money management and what to expect from a financial planner.

My third book, already percolating, will be set in current times with my protagonist facing not only coronavirus, but valley fever.  As she struggles with being besieged with two difficult and potentially chronic or fatal illnesses, she and her husband learn that they’ve fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous financial planner. He is a greedy thief and my dear protagonist, while recuperating, learns through her own detective work what her financial planner has been up to with other people’s money.