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  • Colleen MacFarlane

Dorothy (Dot) Bonnett

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Dot, seated here, with her long-time friends. Born in Minneapolis in 1919, the youngest of six, and daughter of Roseanne Vaars and Tom Burns. Dot graduated North High and went on to be a skilled bookkeeper. She believed in making friends, made the effort to keep them, and never said a mean word about any of them.

Dot was a gracious and thoughtful person, always friendly. She possessed the skill to connect with people that left them feeling uplifted. She was an eternal optimist. When her friends were feeling discouraged, Dot could make them laugh.

Another hallmark of Dot’s was her unwavering dedication to her Catholic faith. She frequently had a rosary in her hand, and never missed her Sunday Mass. She prayed for her family and all of her friends, and if any of them were unable to find a lost item, they knew to call Dot so she could immediately get busy with her prayers to St. Anthony.

An apt saying of Dot’s that best conveys her optimism is: “When life hands you scraps, make quilts.”

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