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New Release: Ivy and Audie
     A Story for Teens with Epilepsy

At age ten, Ivy experiences her first seizure. After her second seizure, Ivy is diagnosed with epilepsy.  Ivy's dog, Audie, becomes Ivy's alert dog and is able to tell Ivy of an oncoming seizure. With the love and support of her doctor, parents, and her two best friends who share her diagnosis, Ivy navigates her way through adolescence. A great book for teens and adults, it is filled with information, puzzles, charts, and wonderful illustrations.

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Life Lessons from Lucy the Schnauzer

A fun, illustrated children’s book for ages 3 – 8. This delightful book teaches young readers about the lessons we learn from our furry, four-legged, and beloved dogs.  An interesting and heartfelt read for both the young and young at heart.

**Available in paperback and Kindle versions.**

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Listening To Her Own Voice 

Chronicles the life of Rosa Kerker, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1866. She, her mother, her father, and six siblings settled in Chaska, Minnesota.  Rosa and her family faced many hardships, including disease, the death of her sister, and Papa Kerker's split from his Catholic faith.     *** See BOOKS tab for more information***

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About Colleen B. Mac Farlane

I’ve been a genealogy enthusiast for several years. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I’ll never forget that first day when I looked at a picture of my great grandmother, Monica, her husband, Henry, and their five children. Within one day, I was off to the races, researching my maternal side in Chaska, Minnesota.